One of the most important and strategic decisions of a business is acquiring a new talent. As in major transformational events, hiring high-performance leaders lays the basis for a new phase for the company and/or the area in which the professional will work.

Nevertheless, the risks involved in selecting, attracting and integrating an executive professional are not necessarily perceived, assessed and properly managed by him/her and by the companies. When both parties adopt traditional assessment models, the chances of error are high.

FLOW has been changing this practice by developing a new approach that allows not only significant reduction but also an understanding of the financial risk of wrongly hiring. The FLOW Method offers the candidate better insights for a correct career decision-making.

This model has led FLOW to achieve an 80% recurrence rate of active customers and redefined the recruiting practice in Brazil.


Exclusive method

Unlike traditional assessment models, the FLOW Methodology identifies attributes that guarantee high performance and adaptation of the hiree in the new environment, regardless of state and culture of the company.

Total impartiality

FLOW’s role is to generate results, incorporating its knowledge of markets, professions and businesses to the process of hiring executives. It invests in the constant improvement of the headhunting practice, carried out with full autonomy and impartiality and distancing itself from other services related to the management of people or any bias that may exist towards investors, partners or boards of administration.

Partnership and perpetuity

FLOW adopts an open partnership governance system (instead of share ownership) that, through collaboration, meritocracy and sharing of knowledge, ensures a high level of operational standards, conduct, and equal opportunity for recruiters to become partners. As a result, client and candidate relationships with FLOW tend to be perpetual and institutional.


FLOW makes a point of setting the example as a company for society that generates wealth for the country (employment, income, tax collection, investments). Annually, the norms and policies adopted by FLOW are reviewed by an external audit to ensure full compliance with local laws and requirements.


FLOW Notes