One of the most crucial and strategic decisions of a business lies in acquiring new talent. As in major transformational events, hiring high-performance leaders lays the foundations for a new stage for the company and the area the new hire is supposed to impact through their performance.


Oddly enough, the risks involved in selecting, attracting and integrating an executive are not immediately perceived, assessed and properly managed by the candidates and their employers. On top of that, consulting companies and employers using traditional assessment models are far more likely to make costly hiring mistakes.


FLOW has been changing this practice by developing a new approach that not only significantly mitigates those risks, but also promotes greater understanding of the financial risk bad hires entail. In short, the FLOW Method offers the candidate better insights for appropriate career decision-making.


What is more, it has also enabled FLOW to achieve an 80% repeat rate among active customers and redefined recruiting practices in Brazil.



Proprietary method

Unlike traditional assessment models, the FLOW Methodology effectively identifies attributes that ensure the new hires will display high performance on the job and adapt quickly to the new environment, no matter what the state and culture of the company are.

Total impartiality

FLOW’s role is to generate results, incorporating its knowledge of markets, professions and businesses to the executive search process. We strive for ongoing improvement and excellence in our headhunting practice. Assignments are carried out with full autonomy and impartiality. We don’t get involved with executing HR management services or concerns that might emerge from investors, partners, boards or other stakeholders.

Partnership and perpetuity

FLOW adopts an open partnership governance system, as opposed to a share ownership model. Through collaboration, meritocracy and knowledge sharing, the system ensures a high level of operational standards and conduct, and grants equal opportunities for recruiters to become partners. As a result, client and candidate relationships with FLOW tend to be enduring and institutional.


FLOW makes a point of setting a positive example to be followed in the corporate world, in the sense that it generates wealth for the country (through employment, income, tax collection, and investments) and concretely benefits society along the way. Every year, the norms and policies adopted by FLOW are reviewed by an external audit firm to ensure full compliance with local laws and requirements.


FLOW Notes