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Our analysis goes far beyond examining CVs: our focus is on spotting talent

More than a recruitment and selection consultancy, we are great allies in the construction and development of the best organizational strategies. Transforming businesses since 2011, Flow works in partnership with companies from all sectors of the economy, bringing a deep perspective that connects cultural fit, leadership assessment, to an accurate talent identification, ready for a lasting relationship. We are here to do more than fill an open position, because we know that, more than finding a CEO or composing a team of executives, we are talking about people. And it's our thorough perspective, paired with a deep understanding across different industries, that directs our focus to every angle within the organization to bring in the right talent mix.

We are experts in creating consistent, lasting and successful relationships.

Our methodology makes a detailed analysis of your company's organizational culture, identifying the characteristics, needs, and each point of attention to find the right executives, decrease the learning curve, improve performance and increase agility in working relationships between board and CEO. We know that the best way to leverage performance, increase competitiveness and generate value for your company through hunting is to generate consistent relationships. And we are experts at building consistent and lasting relationships.

Our office is located in São Paulo, Capital, and we operate throughout the national territory. We also work with specific projects in Latin American regions, and our team of specialist consultants in different markets is always ready to find the best solutions for board, leadership and CEO. Find out more about our services, and count on Flow to build the most valuable business relationships.

Our Values


For us, choosing people is a business decision. We collaboratively delve into our clients' strategic plan to understand the complexity of each moment. We translate this into a case-by-case strategy, where people become accelerators of results, bringing long-term competitive advantage and excellence to companies.

Driving Histories Is Our Legacy

For us, headhunting is about transforming histories. With our performance and access to qualified information, we are at a strategic point to generate value for the entire chain. How? By increasing the performance of companies and making people reach their maximum power. We know that every decision we make has a long-term impact. Therefore, our main legacy is success stories.

Learning Has no Limits

When it comes to creating success stories through executive search, our thirst for learning knows no bounds. We don't like the comfort zone and tirelessly seek self-development. For us, it is a privilege to be able to learn from each person involved in the process and from each market where we operate. This is how we gain repertoire and manage to see paths that go beyond.

Executive Search Is a Mission

For us, Executive Search is not just a job, it's a calling. We never switch off, because we believe that facing high pressure moments, such as crucial decision-making for business and people's lives, is a privilege granted only to those who are prepared. And we are. We are fully aware of the impacts generated by our work, as each context, client and individual is unique. Therefore, we tirelessly seek to deliver results with responsibility, to promote positive transformations in the history of people, companies and society.




of the executives remained at the company for +2 years


15 business days to deliver a shortlist for executive roles


Client recurrence

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People make history.

For us, seeing the people beyond their resumes is the engine of business. That is how we find the leaders who will make history in the company.

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