Research carried out by FLOW shows that the main factor responsible for attracting and retaining talent in agribusiness companies is reputation. Many companies are unknown to the executive market, precisely because they are geographically distant from the end consumer. This is one of the factors that requires candidates to be familiar with the essence of both the industry and the company seeking to fill a position. Armed with this sharper perception, they are better able to understand the potential of this segment, which is rich in innovation, sound management practices and excellent career growth opportunities. FLOW understands the agribusiness chain, and has supported several companies in the quest for executives who can fill key positions. They are companies positioned throughout the segment value chain, such as agriculture and livestock, hunting and fishing, exploration and forest management. FLOW helps companies improve their management routines and leverage their results, further enhancing the relevant role played by the segment in the Brazilian economy.

Agriculture and livestock
Animal Nutrition
Exploration and forest management
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