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A sector that directly feels the impact of consumer trends and changes requires efficiency between the board and CEOs to respond to different variables with agility and confidence. To that end, you can count on Flow: we grasp the market and provide an in-depth cultural fit assessment to meet the main needs of your company.

Flow brings efficiency to your organizational strategy to achieve the best results.
Flow works with the largest players in the consumer and retail markets, and our methodology brings more agility to CEOs and boards, to outline an effective organizational strategy and connected to trends, ready to meet demands in increasingly shorter deadlines, and adopting more sustainable operating models. We know that the Consumer Goods & Retail segment accounts for almost 60% of the global GDP, making it one of the most relevant sectors of the economy. In addition, it is also one of the most dynamic segments, being directly impacted by any change in consumer buying behavior. That's why, through our unique methodology, our team of experts in hunting makes a deep analysis between organizational culture and market, outlining the executive plan that your company needs. From an operating system prepared for industry changes to a closer relationship with the customer, Flow supports leadership and teams, generating lasting working relationships that add value to all stakeholders. To find the right people, speak to one of our consultants.

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