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The oil and gas sector has been undergoing several changes and innovations, and the impact of these transformations calls for an organizational strategy ready to combine growth with sustainable practices. To achieve that, the CEO and the board must have a systemic view of the business, capable of meeting the requirements of a traditional sector, and at the same time identifying emerging needs and opportunities.

Our methodology finds the right people to sustain your company's competitiveness and leadership in the oil and gas sector.
Contributing significantly to the economy, oil and gas production increased by more than 50% between 2010 and 2020, which was mainly driven by the discovery of pre-salt blocks. Flow understands the emerging need to develop a new leadership model, with the ideal skills mix to serve an increasingly complex industry. It is necessary to meet the interests of investors and follow the local and global changes that directly influence the Oil & Gas industry. At the same time, board and leadership need to be aligned to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and meet government commitments and policies, which demand a more sustainable industry, in line with government decarbonization commitments and policies. We at Flow know that the sector encounters opportunities and challenges, and our experience contributes to the development of leadership and board with high technical and strategic quality, capable of combining performance with sustainable growth. To work with an effective organizational strategy, contact us. We can find the right talent for your company.

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