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In a sector with several variables, it is essential to rely on a leadership and board model capable of anticipating trends, meeting growing demands and at the same time meeting socio-environmental requirements.

Our experience in the Real Estate sector helps you boost your business success rates.

Our methodology deeply understands your company's cultural fit, to identify the best solution for your business. Providing invaluable experience and influence in Real Estate, Flow knows that, although this is one of the most traditional sectors of the Brazilian economy, it also requires revamping and innovation. The leadership profile in question is ready for the changes in the real estate market, which today faces more complex and unstable scenarios. To address the challenge of transforming our cities into more livable, resilient and sustainable models, meeting greenhouse gas reductions, while demographic growth brings rapid urbanization, you can count on Flow. From the selection of executives and CEOs to an effective executive plan, we bring the right person to the right place, capable of navigating between industry data, trends and technologies, making projects more accessible and viable and adding value to different stakeholders.


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