valuing talent,


Just as we believe that people make history within organizations, we also know that it is through them that our society will evolve. At the end of the day, everything we do is about developing and evolving histories through people. Therefore, for us, investing in each individual in our society by supporting social projects is putting into practice what we believe as Flow: that excellence comes from depth, that we are here to drive histories, that learning is not bound by limits, and that what we do is more than a job: it is a calling geared towards generating positive impacts.

For this reason, we support causes that push people forward and help them reach their full potential. We support initiatives that prepare for a high-performance life and create conditions for everyone, regardless of their origin, to transform their histories and, consequently, their surroundings.


Instituto PROA is a non-profit organization conceived and supported by entrepreneurs. PROA trains young people from the public school system so that they achieve a high development level and are able to come up with concrete and sustainable life projects, with quality education, behavioral training and entry into the job market.


FEA Nudge is a program in partnership with the University of São Paulo, which aims not only to increase admission of students from the social quota system to FEA, but also to ensure they remain in college. The program offers assistance in mathematics, English and writing, helping to overcome possible gaps originated from previous education and create a structure for them to graduate successfully.


At Flow, we are sports fans. We believe that practicing sports develops fundamental individual skills for life, such as discipline, focus, determination and team spirit. That's why we support Rede Tênis Brasil, which takes the business development model to the courts, based on clear goals and monitoring to establish goals designed for each athlete, rewarding them with its scholarship program and participation in the most important international championships.